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Ben's Story

Ben Wolverton, age 16, was in a tragic long-boarding accident on Wednesday, April the 4th, 2013. He suffers from severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, road rash, pneumonia, and is currently in a coma. His family has no insurance.

Ben is the son of author David Farland, whose books have won multiple awards, and who is widely known as a mentor to many prominent authors, such as Brandon Sanderson, Stephenie Meyer, and Brandon Mull.

Ben's treatment are expected to rise above $1,000,0000. To help raise money for Ben, we are having a book bomb (focused on Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines) on behalf of Ben.

Information on the book bomb is found here:

Or simply donate to the Wolverton family here:


The best way you can help is by spreading the word of Ben’s donation page, and/or this book bomb. Share it on facebook, twitter, pinterest, your blog—anywhere you can. Invite others to the event.


David Farland has been keeping everyone posted on facebook. Subscribe or friend him to get up-to-date information: At the moment, Ben is stable and appears to be improving.

Thank you!

Ben and his family greatly appreciate your support, and so do all who love and care about them.

From Danielle Wolverton, Ben's Sister:

A few weeks before his accident, I was staying at my parents house and feeling a little down. Ben walked into my room, guitar in hand and sat down on my bed. “Are you ready for your good night song?” I laughed hysterically. Don’t get me wrong, this was a dream come true. I just didn’t think my first evening serenade would be from my 17 year old little brother. Ben strummed some distantly familiar chords for about thirty seconds, and did not attempt to sing. He then stopped abruptly and said “I bet you feel way better now. I’ll see you in the morning. Here’s some chocolate.” He got up, threw a snickers bar on my dresser and left with a teasing grin. “Oh my,” I thought to myself, “I feel bad for the 16 year old girls out there. This one is going to be a heartbreaker.”
Beyond being the sweetest brother ever, Ben is an amazing person. He is athletic, a straight A student, and hysterically funny. He has visited Japan on a foreign exchange scholarship, and is always up for a good time. He has crazy ping pong skills, and can do all kinds of trampoline tricks. He goes to Dixie High and has been on the football, rugby, and wrestling teams.
Ben is someone who lights up your world. If you talk to him, you want to know more. He is always full of compliments and goes the extra mile to brighten your day. I can’t imagine my world without him. I also can’t imagine a person being better fit to pull through this. Ben is incredibly strong, and is already beating all the odds. Ben is meant to do great things. He has not yet left his mark on the world, there is more for him to do. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support our family has received on his behalf. Keep rooting for him, this is one hero who won’t let you down.