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Friday, April 19, 2013

Silent Auction for Ben!

This is from David Farland's site. The original article can be found by clicking here.


A silent auction has been set up to help David Farland's son, Ben Wolverton, who was in a tragic accident. We are auctioning off five spaces for David's Writing for Young Adult workshop.

Ben Wolverton, age 16, was in a tragic long-boarding accident on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013. He suffers from severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, road rash, pneumonia, and is currently in a coma. His family has no insurance. 

Ben is the son of author David Farland (also known at Dave Wolverton), whose books have won multiple awards, and who is widely known as a mentor to many prominent authors, such as Brandon Sanderson (MistbornWheel of Time), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Brandon Mull (Fablehaven

Because of pre-existing illnesses, David Farland does not qualify for insurance. Ben’s medical expenses are expected to be over $1,000,000. 

To help raise money to cover these expenses, we are having a silent auction for the last five spaces of David Farland's writing workshop Writing for Young Adults, which will take place June 24th-28th in St. George, Utah. 

At this workshop you will learn the ins-and-outs of writing and selling fiction for young adults, critique others' manuscripts and have yours critiqued, and have the opportunity to meet and work with aspiring and published authors. 

The auction is open now. The bidding will start at $700 per space—the usual price to attend this workshop. To bid, send an email to with your offer. You will be notified if you are outbid. 

We will update the bidding amount here so that people can see how high they will need to bid for a ticket.

The auction will close on Friday, April 26th, at 7:00 p.m. MST. All proceeds will go to Ben's medical expenses. 

The following is a description of the workshop: 

Writing for Young Adults 

Do you want to write middle-grade or young adult novels? Then we have a workshop that might interest you. 

David Farland is a New York Times bestselling author with dozens of books to his credit. His latest novel, a young adult fantasy thriller titled Nightingale, has won seven awards—including the International Book Award for “Best Young Adult Novel of the Year,” the London Book Festival for “Best Young Adult Novel of the Year,” and the Hollywood Book Festival award for “Best Book of the Year.” 

Dave has taught dozens of bestselling writers, including such #1 bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), James Dashner (The Maze Runner), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight). 

In this workshop you will learn the secrets of how to write fiction that will earn the admiration of the gatekeepers in YA fiction—the librarians, teachers, critics and parents. Dave will show you how to develop your world, characters, conflicts, themes, and treatment, so that you can maximize the audience appeal of your novel across all ages—if you like—or to narrow your focus for a particular young audience. You will learn how to take a story from its basic premise and enhance it 

To attend you will need to be willing to do the following: 
1) Read course materials before coming to the workshop. 
2) Brainstorm with others and critique others' work during the course of the workshop. 
3) Be prepared to work on your own outline and first chapter before and during the course of the workshop (which means that you will need a computer or typewriter and access to a printer). 

The class size is limited to 10 students to insure each participant and manuscript gets adequate attention. 

When and Where Are the Workshops Held? 
June 24th-28th 2013 

St. George Ramada Inn 
1440 East Saint George Boulevard, 
Saint George, UT 
(800) 713-9435, (435) 628-2828 

Bid for a spot by emailing 

Learn more about Ben's condition and how you can help at

A Free Way to Help Ben

A Star Wars Twitter Bomb has been set up for May 4th (Star Wars Day). All you have to do is tweet this on May 4th: Help Star Wars Author's Son on Star Wars Day! #davidfarland #starwars #author #accident #fundraiser If we get our tweets trending, we will reach out to more people who may want to help Ben.

You can RSVP on the facebook event Feel free to invite your friends!