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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update on Tuesday May 7th, 2013

Update on Ben Wolverton

Today starts the 35th day since Ben fell off of is longboard.

Ben had a good day today. His sister Danielle came to visit him, and he was able to continue eating soft foods--like turkey, soup, and pudding. He has been exercising a bit. The nurses put him in a wheelchair, and it is up to him to maneuver around. Sometimes he holds onto the back of the chair and uses it as a walker.

I got to speak with Ben on the phone. His voice was clearer, and he seems more alert. I'm finally getting over this sinus infection (which spread into my throat and upper lungs), and think that I should be better by tomorrow. I spent all day trying to get my 2012 taxes done, and in the morning I will be taking in the paperwork so that we can apply for assistance with Ben.

Ben was supposed to go to Primary Children's Medical Center for rehabilitation tomorrow, but we haven't heard if that will happen or not. The doctors from both facilities need to talk to one another and come to some sort of agreement. Primary doesn't want to take Ben until his skull flaps are put back in (the pieces of his skull that are now stored in his stomach. They say that people do better in rehab if their skulls are intact. On the other hand, Ben is just getting over his pneumonia, and I don't think the folks in Las Vegas want to put the skull back on for a few weeks.

So for now, Ben is in limbo. Here is his picture for the day, with Ben walking with a little help.

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