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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2nd Update on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Update on Ben Wolverton

Tonight we are starting the 23rd day since Ben's longboarding accident, and it has now been more than ten days since he first opened his eyes.

Ben is keeping his eyes open longer, and it seems as if his right eye is focusing a little, while his left isn't doing the same. He ate a little bit of a popsicle today, about one third of it, so we are hoping to train him to swallow now.

He was off oxygen today, breathing by himself, even when sleeping, and his temperature is back to normal.

It is becoming apparent that we will have to start over with Ben, teaching him to walk, talk, eat--pretty much everything. He follows some orders, so he's not a completely blank slate, but he's pretty much a child. In time, things may come back to him. However, I've spoken with several people who were in his shoes, and I know that it is possible for him to come back and be 100%. We can't count on it, but that's what we're shooting for.

So we're hoping to get him into rehab soon. Whether he will be ready in two days or two weeks, we don't know.

But now we're heading toward some bureaucratic headaches. We've applied for Medicaid and Social Security for Ben, but what we're hearing is that it will take five weeks for him to get approved, IF he is approved. But the hospital said that they won't release him into rehab until we have a rehab site that he can go to, , and yet they say we can't get a rehab site until we have proof of payment, which we can't really get until a determination is made by social security.

So now we get to jump through some hoops with him. I'll be calling some friends in order to get some help with this.