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Thursday, April 11, 2013

JordanCon's Announcement re: Ben

Jordancon posted this earlier today:

JordanCon believes in supporting good causes. Over the past 4 years of our existence, and going into our fifth active year we’ve supported the Mayo Clinic by helping them raise funds. With events like our Silent Auctions, Poker Tournaments, and Art Shows we’ve done our absolute best to try and do more.

This year, JordanCon is proud to announce that, alongside supporting the Mayo Clinic, we will also be joining in what has become a movement in support of one of our Guest Authors who sadly will no be able to make it. Not too long ago, David Farland’s son Ben Wolverton had a severe long boarding accident that left him in critical condition. Suffering from severe brain trauma, as well as a cracked skull, a broken pelvis, broken tailbone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, a broken eardrum, and severe road rash, Ben’s medical bills are expected to exceed $1,000,000. Due to the fact that David and his family do not have health insurance, this overbearing sum is about to come crashing down on the Wolverton family.

Normally the proceeds from JordanCon’s silent auction go to the Mayo Clinic, just like the Seanchan Poker Tournament and Art show funds do. This year though, JordanCon will be contributing all the proceeds from the Silent Auction to Ben Wolverton’s Health fund. We consider it an honor to stand by the Science Fiction and Fantasy community in this way, and look forward to helping out one of the truly great authors in this Genre.

JordanCon would also like to make note of the fact that the Silent Auction this year is not the only way that you can contribute to the cause. Has information on the entire event, and links to the various movements going on around the net in support of the Wolverton family. Also, another direct way to offer support is to give any donation that you can over at .
We at JordanCon would like to thank you all for any support you might offer the Wolverton family, and we hope to see you at The Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Roswell Georgia on April the 19th-21st for JordanCon!

The link is: