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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Twitter-Bomb Trending

I've been studying what makes a twitter phrase and/or hashtag become a trending topic in Twitter. Often, it is something that is mentioned here or there but then something happens and it explodes with people mentioning it over Twitter and it suddenly climbs the ranks. Once these hashtags start trending, people click through to learn more. It is FREE publicity.

While having several hundred people mention it throughout the day will be helpful, it might not be enough to get the topic trending. While every tweet helps, timing of the tweets can make a difference. If we can have 100+ people mention it at once within a coupe of minutes of each other, it ups the chances of it trending. So, here is what we suggest. If you are looking for the right time to do it, do it at the top of the hour. If we can get enough people tweeting it, we should be able to trend every hour for a few minutes. Retweeting similar tweets should also add into the formula.

If tweeting during those times don't work, we understand. Please still mention this event on Twitter at whatever time works best for you. Every mention helps.

If we are trending, mention the fact. It will keep it alive.

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This is our suggested tweet:

Help Star Wars author's son on Star Wars Day! Visit to learn more. #davidfarland #starwarsday #helpwolverton

That is only suggested. Feel free to make it your individual tweet, or add additional information. Just make sure every tweet directs people where they can find more information ( and includes the hashtags #helpwolverton and #davidfarland . Otherwise, have fun with it!