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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Generosity and J. Leigh Bralick

The generosity of the writing community never fails to surprise me. With the original fund raiser, we raised some money to help with Ben's current medical stay. Now we are focusing on the financial help he needs to handle the physical therapy involved to get him walking again. We launched it a couple of hours ago, and donations are already trickling in. The kind fans of David Farland/Wolverton and those who love Ben have really stepped up to make getting Ben back on his feet a reality (pun not intended, happy accident).

Author and friend J. Leigh Bralick has a handful of books out. All proceeds of the sales for her books through May will go directly to helping Ben. You can read her post and follow a few links to her books by clicking here.

Thank you, everybody, for all you've done to assist in Ben's time of need. You are the best fans any writer could ever hope for.

Don't forget, the book bomb is May the 4th. Tweet and retweet often. Get your friends to participate. Most importantly of all: get creative and have fun with it.