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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Update on Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Update on Ben Wolverton

We are starting on the 37th day since Ben's longboarding accident.

Today, Ben was able to stand up, walk in place for a few steps, and then repeat the exercise. He also walked from one end of the nurse's room to the other with the help of a walker (about 60 feet). So Ben is doing a great job.

We got word that we can move Ben to the Primary Children's Medical Center on Monday, so we will move him in the afternoon. I'll be flying him via commercial airliner, so I have a lot to take care of in the morning, setting this up.

This will all be a bit complicated, because my son Forrest will be getting married on Monday morning so we have a wedding to help with, and a luncheon in the early afternoon.

I was able to finish getting my taxes finished today, and was able to fill out one of the forms that I need. Three of the others are to be filled out by the doctors, so I've got all of my work done. Yay!

Thank you to all of those who helped give advice on getting the forms found and filled out. Ben's picture today looks much more like him, in my opinion. It's as if I can really see him there behind his eyes.

I like that Mary dressed him in his own shirt today. I did hear from a couple of people who want to do more fundraisers for Ben. The folks at Post High will be holding a huge garage sale a week from tomorrow here in Saint George, and Kolob Rehabilitation will be holding a party/barbecue/book signing a week from Tuesday. That's very kind of them.